Diaspora Programme - Frequently Asked Questions

I have children of various ages. Which camp should I choose for the younger and the older one?

Pentecost: Recommended for young people between the ages of 15 and 29 who are religiously committed and would like to take part in a Pilgrimage

All-Hungarian High School Students’ Camp: Recommended between the ages of 16 and 19

All-Hungarian Senior Graders’ Camp: Recommended between the ages of 13 and 16

All-Hungarian Mother Tongue Camp: Recommended between the ages of 10 and 14

All-Hungarian Teachers’ Camp: Recommended for teachers and leaders of organizations who are active in local diaspora communities

All-Hungarian University Students’ Camp: Recommended between the ages of 20 and 29

Advent: everyone 😊

Where can I access reports of programmes in previous years?

All reports and videos are available in Rákóczi Association’s media database on our website (in Hungarian):


Where to the summer camp take place?

The location of our summer camps is the Rákóczi Camp and Events Centre in Sátoraljajhely, north-eastern Hungary.



How will travel costs be refunded?

Participants are requested to supply their bank data once their application has been accepted. The reimbursement will be transferred to the provided bank account after the programme has come to an end.

When will the registration fee be refunded?

The HUF 30 000 registration fee transferred following the acceptance of application will be refunded via bank transfer together with the travel cost reimbursement.

How can I cancel my participation in the programme?

The registration fee will be refunded if participation is cancelled at least 30 calendar days prior to the selected programme period. Rákóczi Association lays claim to the registration fee if the intent to cancel participation is signalled later than this date. Cancellations are accepted solely in writing via email to diaszpora@rakocziszovetseg.hu.

In what event will the registration fee not be refunded?

Applications will be finalized once the HUF 30 000 registration fee has been received. The sum will not be refunded under any circumstances if participation is cancelled within 30 calendar days prior to the programme period.

Our relatives living in Hungary would also like to take part in the programme. Is there a solution?

Participation in the Diaspora Programme is reserved exclusively for applicants living in diaspora areas who are active members of the local Hungarian diaspora community.

Who can apply as an accompanying adult?

Persons above the age of 25 who are active in their community as teachers, folk dance instructors, community leaders, etc. and have at least conversational-level knowledge of Hungarian may apply as accompanying adults. Applicants are required to upload a Letter of Motivation to the application surface. One accompanying adult may apply after five minors.

I would like to travel to the programme with my child solitarily. Is this possible?

In the year 2020, one accompanying person is required to travel with a minimum of three and a maximum of eight children.

What are the tasks of accompanying persons?

Accompanying persons are to stick with the group throughout the programme period and should discipline children and take care of their safety and valuables if needed.

The general policy of our staff is “We organize activities, give performances and play with the children but disciplining them is not something we are keen to do. If necessary, this is the task of the accompanying adult.”

My child would like to bring his/her laptop, guitar to the programme. Is this allowed?

The use of such objects is not prohibited under the rules of the Programme. Accompanying persons are tasked with looking after valuables in case a child chooses to bring them to the trip.

Can I depart from the group during the programme period?

The child may depart from the location of the programme accompanied by a parent, legal representative or accompanying person if this has been approved by camp organizers in writing (via email) beforehand.

Where should I signal any food allergies I have?

If you have not yet done so on the application surface, please indicate these via diaszpora@rakocziszovetseg.hu. Weight loss diets do not count as a food allergy – food in Hungary is delicious, so we recommend you leave your weight reduction plans for later.😊

Is medical treatment available at the summer camp?

A doctor is on call round the clock in the camp and an ambulance can be called if needed. During the Pentecost and Advent programme periods, children with medical problems will be taken to the local hospital. The Rákóczi Association may also supply a doctor for this purpose.

What happens if my child falls ill during the trip?

In the event of a child falling ill or being involved in an accident, the accompanying person and parents will be informed. Medical attention and treatment (including transportation to and from a doctor) will be provided where necessary.